The Cargobike

about 18 months ago, we acquired a fine danish cargobike and it has been a source of pleasure since. Besides allowing us to keep our normal way of moving around town with the small kid, there is mainly two reasons to praise this bike:

  1. It is actually fun to ride. Compared to a three-wheeled cargo bike anyway, and with little or no cargo even compared to a normal bike. This is mostly due to the long wheelbase and a reduction in steering which give an uncompared cruise feeling.
  2. At some point of owning a Bullit you might experience a growing ambition to transport larger, heavier and freakier goods. Rewards are looks by people passed by (which is a hard currency in Copenhagen’s streets, less so in the German countryside).

This post is about the second point. I present you some practical applications, collected by me [team bluebird] and my old man [team clockwork orange] :


I look forward to taking the challenge further next summer. Meanwhile, have a video of the early standard application:


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A weaponized car

Get these cars out of my city.

Here is what I wrote to the police yesterday morning:

I was cykling down R-gade towards Å-gade. The car pulled up onto R-gade behind me (probably from B-gade) with screaming tyres and passed me by with only a few centimeters distance. In my surprise I reacted with a single knock on the back part of the car.

The driver then stopped the car somewhere close to or even on the pedestrian crossing ahead of me and I continued to pass it on the right side. When I had almost passed the standing car, the driver accelerated the car shortly and turned it to the right, hitting my bike. I jumped/fell/stepped off the bike away from the car. The car then immediately continued down R-gade.

I read out loud the license plate of the leaving car to remember, got my phone out and texted the number to my wife. A few people who witnessed the incident came to see if I was alright and offered their help. Two of them gave me their telephone numbers/names.

Aside from a small scratch mark, I have not noticed any injuries.

Immediately after the incident I thought that perhaps me knocking – or better said kicking – the car was too much of a provocation. But after thinking about it, I don’t think it was, and surely the reaction was in no way proportionate. I will continue doing so with cars passing by too close (which luckily is very rare around here). It is the only way I can think of to get a driver’s attention in their nearly sound proof cell.

Strange enough though this is not the first time (but far the most extreme) I notice a driver getting really upset about this. A close family member also recently became the aim of a bottle thrown out of a car window for doing it.

Also, I am really curious about the juristic/legal severity of the driver’s action in my case.

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Pacific Coast Highway

Update: mehr zum Thema gibt’s drüben bei ackbh in Audio-Form.

Entgegen dem urpsrünglichen Lebensentwurf, Europa nur mit dem Fahrrad zu verlassen, begab ich mich kürzlich mit reizender Begleitung per Flugzeug in die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika.

Erstes Ziel war San Francisco, von wo aus wir uns auf ausgeliehenen, aber 1A tauglichen (von hier) Fahrrädern auf den nächstbesten Highway gen Süden stürzten. Wie sich herausstellte, waren wir bei weitem nicht die ersten und einzigen mit der Idee, diese Küste abzufahren, und so teilten wir mal kürzer und mal länger mit einigen anderen Radlern Straße und Campingplätze auf dem Weg durch Big Sur und bis nach Santa Barbara. Zwischenfälle gab es außer einer kleinen Sintflut in der ersten Nacht keine, nicht mal einen einzigen Platten. Hier also ein paar Eindrücke von der bis lang vielleicht entspanntesten und mit Sicherheit geselligsten Radreise:

English: We cycled in Kälifornia. It wos greät. We met great peöple. klick on ze link aböve to see äll ze fötös.

Special thanks for a great tour go to Danielle, Jess, Brandon, Adam, Demian and David. Super mega special thanks go to Mike!

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