The Cargobike

about 18 months ago, we acquired a fine danish cargobike and it has been a source of pleasure since. Besides allowing us to keep our normal way of moving around town with the small kid, there is mainly two reasons to praise this bike:

  1. It is actually fun to ride. Compared to a three-wheeled cargo bike anyway, and with little or no cargo even compared to a normal bike. This is mostly due to the long wheelbase and a reduction in steering which give an uncompared cruise feeling.
  2. At some point of owning a Bullit you might experience a growing ambition to transport larger, heavier and freakier goods. Rewards are looks by people passed by (which is a hard currency in Copenhagen’s streets, less so in the German countryside).

This post is about the second point. I present you some practical applications, collected by me [team bluebird] and my old man [team clockwork orange] :


I look forward to taking the challenge further next summer. Meanwhile, have a video of the early standard application: