A weaponized car

Get these cars out of my city.

Here is what I wrote to the police yesterday morning:

I was cykling down R-gade towards Å-gade. The car pulled up onto R-gade behind me (probably from B-gade) with screaming tyres and passed me by with only a few centimeters distance. In my surprise I reacted with a single knock on the back part of the car.

The driver then stopped the car somewhere close to or even on the pedestrian crossing ahead of me and I continued to pass it on the right side. When I had almost passed the standing car, the driver accelerated the car shortly and turned it to the right, hitting my bike. I jumped/fell/stepped off the bike away from the car. The car then immediately continued down R-gade.

I read out loud the license plate of the leaving car to remember, got my phone out and texted the number to my wife. A few people who witnessed the incident came to see if I was alright and offered their help. Two of them gave me their telephone numbers/names.

Aside from a small scratch mark, I have not noticed any injuries.

Immediately after the incident I thought that perhaps me knocking – or better said kicking – the car was too much of a provocation. But after thinking about it, I don’t think it was, and surely the reaction was in no way proportionate. I will continue doing so with cars passing by too close (which luckily is very rare around here). It is the only way I can think of to get a driver’s attention in their nearly sound proof cell.

Strange enough though this is not the first time (but far the most extreme) I notice a driver getting really upset about this. A close family member also recently became the aim of a bottle thrown out of a car window for doing it.

Also, I am really curious about the juristic/legal severity of the driver’s action in my case.